HydroForce™ Series 3 pump

Welcome to the Series 3 Clean Water Pump

The HydroForce™ pump has been designed and engineered by HydroForce™ Pumps Ltd in Peterborough to respond to the demand for a high quality pump for use under water in rainwater harvesting systems.

Using the most rugged components available it has been extensively tested for trouble-free running. The pump features a self-controlling pressure switch, dry run protection and a non-return valve. It is suitable for total immersion in the water tank or it can be externally connected to the tank above ground.

The Series 3 will deliver up to 3.5 bar (household pressure is around 2.5-4.0 bar). If connected to a hose or tap, the pump will automatically start to pump water when the tap or hose is turned on. The pump delivers over 2500 litres per hour using a 1" connector and uses 800 watts at 220-240v AC delivered by a 5 metre cable.

The exterior bodywork is an Italian-styled shape which is stable in the floor of a water tank. The pump and electrics are totally new, engineered to give more reliable underwater performance. Now an alloy bulkhead, pressure release gap and twin chamber design prevent ingress of water to motor, electrical components and to bearing oil.

At the factory in Peterborough, each pump is tested individually, pumping water through a pre-determined cycle to ensure performance is to spec, and the performance of each pump is automatically logged against its bar code number to assure the client of its quality.

* As of 1st November 2013 the HydroForce Series 3 Pump does not include the inline cartridge filter.